How to learn piano online

June 9, 2018 — by admin


Many people love to learn playing new musical instruments. There are lots of musical instruments among which guitar, keyboard, piano and flute are most loved by people. If you are one such person who is dying to learn something new then you can try with piano. Learning piano on a regular basis might take a long time. Instead of learning all the musical notes and spending your time boring, you can try with following steps. Complete dedication and understanding are really very important for learning piano as an adult or as a kid.

Define a start point so that it will be easy for you to recreate what you have played. For example, the keys are named with alphabets A, B, C, D, E, F, and so on. Take middle C as your start point.Try to create the popular sound of music note. Similarly, you can also see the composed rhythms and try to recreate them. Get familiarised with the keys in the piano board so that you will be able to tune up without any break. Also you can create the music that you want by adding up chords. You can define and alter the chords as per your high scale pitch. Another easy tune that you could try will be jingle bells. Try playing it and if you find it difficult you can seek online help.

One of the most important things while learning piano is to maintain proper timing. Every key or every note has its count. There are three types of note counts and they are

  • Whole note
  • Half note
  • Quarter note

In whole note you will give up four beats at a time. Similarly in half note beats will be given by 2 counting and quarter note will take a single beat. Mark every note, key or tune that you add up while playing. Try to connect all the notes and play it. Make a preview of what you have created and correct wherever needed. This will help you to create a good music using piano and you can practise your tune well.