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The Easy Way to Build a Sliding Barn Door

January 14, 2019 — by admin


Start by placing the components of the frame on a flat surface. Fold the 2 side pieces, the top and bottom, and insert a screw in each of the 4 corners. Then measure diagonally through the door from corner to corner in each direction to level the door. If you have 2 roulettes to use at the same time (preferably), it should look like X through the door. Make sure that each measurement is identical. If not, make the necessary adjustments. Once your door is square, insert 2 screws in each corner.

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Now you are ready for the horizontal braces

You can use your own 2 x 4 wood, or for a stronger¬†barn doors will county il you can use metal shirts that can be ordered with your kit. Measure down on both sides of the door frame, starting at the top, and mark every 2 feet with a pencil. Insert the ends of each bracket into the side guides of your marks. At this point, you can measure the angles of the doors again to make sure they are still square. Then insert the 2 screws through the door frame and into the bracket at each location. Drill 2 holes down through the upper frame guide, 12 “from each end of the guide, secure the trolleys to each hole, be sure to order trolleys with a balanced bolt suspension system that allows you to raise them and download them from side to side, you’ll be glad you did it later, screw the cars on top of the door.

At this stage, you can place a door cover of your choice;

Or wood or metal. Screw the door cover to the door frame and the horizontal struts. You can also place the lid after hanging the door. This way, you will have a lighter door during the suspension procedure. If you have not installed a door yet, now is the time to do it. Use a level to make sure the track is suspended evenly. Be sure to measure the height of your door plus the height of the car to determine how high your installation is. Once the track is installed, insert the wheels of both cars at the end of the track. Put plugs on the ends of the track. If you purchased an adjustable hanging trolley, you will have the opportunity to fine-tune the position of the door. After adjusting the door as necessary, tighten the nut on the carriage bolt and install a small screw to prevent the nut from falling off.

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How to find a suitable blind?

December 8, 2018 — by admin


For a home windows are the eyes that needs to be decorated. When seen from interior, it will be incomplete without those dressing to windows. There is various options for this process. Some of them are blinds, curtains or shades. Each of this plays its own role. So while you choose any of these, you need to be aware of the features beforehand. Among those blinds are the classy options to choose. If you plan on choosing blinds, you are bewildered about how to look for the right choice. When you plan to plot blinds for windows, consider the following facts.


Usually blinds are installed in different materials. The material can be wood, fabric, metal or vinyl. Thus the options are vast and we need to choose from those according to our need. Depending on the location of window and purpose of the blind, the material can be chosen. Each material has its unique feature like vinyl can be used inside wash rooms and fabric can be used inside bedroom or living room, where wood can be used in the study room or outhouse. Materials can be used according to the room usage.

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Privacy and light

Depending on the level of privacy you choose, the blind choice varies. Mostly blinds are used in sheer and room darkening to blackout the light. Sometimes they are preferred completely for blackout the light to watch movies or to have deep sleep. If you want to limit the light into rooms, then you can prefer controlled light option to view from window to avoid the panoramic view. For this purpose, you have to prefer energy efficient window blinds. And if you want to protect your room things from harmful rays, you can opt for sheer or solar blinds. Also you can get an idea form professionals. There are many experts who can help with installing blinds Bristol.

Automated option

This option is available with every window blinds. Sometimes, it is difficult to roll or slide the blind when the window is high or large. Else if you have children or pet that may pull those chords and break the pulling option, then you can opt for the automated option which scrolls with a click. This also helps you when you have guests sitting in front of the blinds.


The window is designed in various styles. According to that you can prefer any style of blind. Blinds are provided in various models. According to your usage, you can prefer the perfect type.

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Artificial grass- easy to maintain and also good to the environment

October 1, 2017 — by admin


Most of the people use synthetic grass in their garden because it is maintenance friendly, long-lasting, cost-effective, and also it is suitable for many applications that include sports, commercial, or residential purposes. Well, this synthetic grass will look like a natural grass even though it is installed years ago and it is also risk-free which needs no maintenance all the time. Once the synthetic grass is installed then it is last for long days without the maintenance. If you are interested in using the synthetic grass in your garden then choose the reliable company that offers different ranges of grass. The new lawn is one among the company which is expert in installing synthetic grass at a reasonable price. There are different ranges of grass available and this is value range, luxury range, mid-range, and putting green. The company offers high-quality synthetic grass products which will give you the hassle-free maintenance. And also the synthetic grass will reduce the water consumption and also help you enjoy the perfect grass every time throughout the year. If you want to know more about the service offered by this company then access the source through online. The website contains a video that will help you discover the process how they install Artificial Grass in the garden.

Aids of using artificial grass

In the olden days, people grow natural grass in the garden which will require maintenance, time, and cost. Thus, this becomes the main reason that people look for the substitute for natural grass in the garden. In that way, the Artificial Grass is used in the garden which does not require maintenance and also it last for long days.

In the olden days, only one type of synthetic grass is available but now it is getting better that you may find a number of options when you choose to install synthetic grass in your garden. Using synthetic grass is good to an environment which will save water consumption. And also the synthetic grass will not grow so the garden will look neat and beautiful every time. Totally the synthetic grass will help you save your money and maintenance cost.