All about finding a good daycare for dogs

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It may happen one day, for whatever reason, that the master has to leave without being able to pick up his dog. Come then the fateful question, where will he stay during his absence? If no one is able to keep it at home or in another home, who will take care of it? It is in these specific cases that dog nurseries known as canine pensions come into account. The animal could then be cared for in a suitable structure against financial compensation. But then how to recognize if it is a good daycare? As to know if the dog will actually have fun during his stay or if he will remain cloistered between 4 grids? What are the conditions for his dog to be accepted? Click here for doggie daycare toronto.

Conditions to keep your dog

It is not always possible to take your dog everywhere with you. Sometimes teachers have no choice but to resort to the services of a canine nursery, as in the case of hospitalization, for example. But not all dogs are accepted, some conditions must be met:

  • – be up to date with his vaccines
  • – be vaccinated against a kennel cough
  • – be vaccinated against rabies (for some pensions)
  • – have a health record
  • – be identified by chip or tattoo
  • – to be sterilized (for some pensions)
  • – not to be infected with a contagious disease
  • – be treated against fleas before the arrival date
  • – have the necessary medications in case of medical care

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How much does a dog daycare cost?

It takes on average between 10 € and 15 € per day per dog, or between 70 € and 100 € for a week of care. This price includes boarding for the week and daily walks for the vital needs of the dog. If you want to provide your dog with additional activities such as agility or education, or other, it is possible on request and with supplement. Finally, be aware that if you are forced to keep the dog during your hospital stay, some canine insurance cover the cost of daycare. Do not hesitate to make a comparison of insurance to know which one will reimburse the best your expenses, and with which monthly payments.

Other modes of canine caredoggie daycare toronto

Keeping your dog is not limited to the only choice of a canine daycare. There are also host families who agree to take the dog to their home during your stay against financial compensation. This type of care is generally the most popular because it allows the dog to be welcomed in a home and generally have a whole family for him and playmates who are often not more than 3. This mode of care is at the same price as the canine pensions.

There are also people who take care of going to your home to look after the animal and/or walk.

Be careful, if you opt for these two methods of care, it is often a private individual, but you must take all the necessary guarantees and require the establishment of a child care contract.


Check out some amazing collections of golden doodle

December 21, 2017 — by admin


Since a long time, there has been a great increase in the popularity of hybrid and designer dogs. Some ones like mini goldendoodle are considered to be mixture of two pure line breeds of dogs to create the hybrid. These mini goldendoodle is a mixture of the female golden retriever and a male mini toy poodle. These are having a variable size which is about knee height of around 13 to 21 inches with weighing around 25 to 50 pounds. This range varies because their genes are not predictable with their weight varying a lot. These mini goldendoodle is considered to be great pets because of their nature. They are loved by all with being dogs of medium size and they do like to exercise. These dogs are quite smart but they do take on few characteristics of the mini poodle which make them carry on full energy all the time. They do require few walking per day to keep them going the best way.

These are quite cute type of designer dogs and have a varying height of 13 to 21 inches depending on their mother and father. Basically as per some experts say, these doodle are much closer to their mother than father with quite closure to 25 pounds.

It is always believed that, exercise for them is quite helpful and that keeps him going. At the same time it is necessary to keep them active with providing those well training and helping them grow the best way possible. These always need to share a relaxing nature. The most important thing that one must remember while buying the breed is to ask the seller about the genetic trait that it shares. These dogs have amazing hair coat which typically is shaggy and varies to the curly variety as well. This patterns completely matters with the genetic combination of the breed. These are available in different colors like that of black, silver and even in shades of gold and tanned colors. These need to be trained well in training classes to make them give their best in all conditions.