Brighten up your Selfie game

August 7, 2017 — by admin


In today’s age of modern technology, there is probably no other invention (aside from the smart phone) that is overly used worldwide than the front camera of said smart phones. Although pixel quality differs from brand to brand, taking a selfie seems to be a prerequisite nowadays. With different camera apps available to download with a touch of a fingerprint, taking a selfie with extra features is as instant as posting it online.

While some have taken their selfie game to further levels such as selfie sticks, to filters from different apps, there are also some gadgets built specifically for selfies so you can take that perfect “candid” #justwokeup #nofilter picture without actually having to use filters. Brighten up your face using a Selfie Ring Light. It gives you the effect of being shot by a professional photographer without actually being shot py a professional photographer. People will be flocking to give you their likes once you post it.

Stepping your game up a notch

People bombard your feed online with selfies. So much that you might think that they’re having a contest as to whose selfie is the best. You might want to join in but unfortunately, your front camera sucks especially in those low light situations so you can’t take a decent picture at night even if your life depended on it. Don’t you worry, ever since the introduction of selfies, companies have invented new ways to take it to the next level. Your new best friend for low light situations is the Selfie Ring Light. It lets you take that perfect picture of your face even in low light situations. Hurray! No more grainy useless photos!

Choices, choices, choices.

As with all the choices you have to make of which photo you will post online, from different angles to different facial expressions to different hair styles, there are also a ton of selfie lights available in the market today which leads you to the question, “Which one am I going to buy?”. It all comes down to personal preference really. Which one suits you the most or which one is easier or handy for you, which one is applicable for your phone (because there are two types of people in this world, the apple users and the android users) up to which one is suitable for your budget.

In the end, choosing what to buy may really not make that big of a difference with regards to the outcome of your photo but whatever makes you happy makes you happy. It doesn’t turn your front camera into a DSLR but hey, who cares? At least you don’t get grainy, unusable pictures anymore right? Now go out there and buy a selfie light, attach it to your phone and take that magnificent picture, or two, or three, or even a couple of hundred.


Get more IG likes!!

August 7, 2017 — by admin


If you spend your time lazily scrolling through Instagram, you are probably familiar with the Selfie Ring. Selfie Rings, or also known as ring lights are contraptions you add to your phone in order to take the best selfie pictures, you need to take advantage of extra boosters, such as wireless remotes, fancy lighting and phone cases that light up when you take a photo.

Almost all your favorite influences uses this new trend, like Kylie Jenner, MannyMUA and NikkiTutorials. But where did this small contraption came from?


A ring flash is a circular photographic flash that fits around a camera lens. Unlike point light sources, a ring flash provides even illumination with few shadows visible in the resulting photographs because the origin of the light is very close to (and surrounds) the optical axis of the lens. It was invented by Lester A. Dine in 1952 for use in dental photography, but now is commonly used in applications such as macro, portrait and fashion photography.

Ring flashes are commonly used in macro (close-up) photography. When the subject is very close to the camera, the distance of the flash from the optical axis becomes significant. For objects close to the camera, the size of the ring flash is significant and so the light encounters the subject from many angles in the same way that it does with a conventional flash with soft box. This has the effect of further softening any shadows.

This circular lighting has evolved from the ring lights our favorite you tuber uses to give them the soft glow, to the portable selfie ring light that anybody can use to vamp up that next selfie you’re posting in Instagram.

How to use

Using Selfie ring lights is fair easy. It usually comes as a cell phone clip-on with foam to protect your cellphone from scratches. You just need to clip in on your phone, turn it on. Some ring lights offer different kinds of lighting options, like warms light, or daylight, it depends on what you have. You should find what kind of light suits your skin the most! After one click and it’s sure that, that selfie will gain lot of likes in Instagram.

Where to buy

Are you now ready to buy some for your own, there are a lot of places you could find one. There are a lot of online stores ready to sell you one for any price points. You could also check out amazon for your next selfie best friend.